About Us

Queers in the Corn is an LGBTQ+ podcast based out of the Greater Grand Rapids Area, Michigan. We interview LGBTQ+ people of all ages, backgrounds, and places on their experiences being an LGBTQ+ individual. Some of these experiences are uplifting and some of them are sad, but they all reflect what it is to be queer in the corn of West Michigan.

About Us

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Sixth Podcast – Christine Yared

Civil Rights Attorney Christine Yared has a private practice and teaches in the Brooks College

Fifth Podcast | Oscar Saucedo

Oscar Saucedo, an Endoscopic Engineer, talks about coming from Mexico to GVSU to obtain his

Fourth Podcast | Laurie Witucki

Laurie Witucki teaches organic chemistry at GVSU. She talks about the difficult time her parents

Third Podcast | Star Swift

Star Swift teaches law in the Seidman College of Business and is the only tenured

Second Podcast | Doug Trudeau

Doug Trudeau is a successful alumni of the Seidman College of Business. Doug talks about


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